Differences of HEX

HEX is different from other tokens. The main purpose of HEX is to allow users to stake their HEX tokens and get rewarded for doing so. HEX pays interest to stakers instead of miners. Staking HEX is like getting free mining hardware and electricity. The same smart contract that created your HEX tokens will pay stakers.
HEX is designed to increase its price and adoption. In the smart contract are several complex bonuses and benefits built in to achieve this. Those who acquire HEX the earliest, stake more for longer and refer others to do the same are rewarded most. In order to ensure that longer and larger stakes pay better over time, there is a pricing mechanism built into the contract which adjusts the share price. Longer stake commits pays 20% more per year.

What Is HEX Crypto And What Makes HEX Different?

Why You Should Stake HEX

When a user stakes, he/she invokes a function of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. HEX is then committed for the chosen time. The unit of time measures in days like a traditional Certificate of Deposit (CD).

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How Do You Make Money With HEX

The HEX coin will replace inefficient currencies, banks, and payment networks. A secure, verifiable peer-to-peer technology allows this. HEX takes the profit out of the banks as well as government money printing and gives it back to its holders as a reward.

HEX is the blockchain token to work like a Certificate of Deposit (CD). The HEX smart contract pays trustless interest with no counterparty risk.

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Stake HEX And Make The Most Out Of It

HEX was designed to be a palliative to the problem of investment growth. It follows a secure and trustless process of proper currencies. This coin gives you complete access to your keys as well as your coins.

Development of HEX ensured to become faster and have a steady increase in value. This is achieved using a smart contract. It has the capability to disrupt the large Certificate of Deposit Market (CD) in the world. This new financial product on the block chain has a virtually infinite value margin.

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HEX Insider Analyses

Video from a HEX token contributor who was involved in the development of HEX token. He gives great inside views to look behind the scenes of the HEX smart contract.

HEX Insider Analyses Part 2

Part 2 from above mentioned HEX token contributor who was involved in the development of the HEX coin. Again, great inside views to look behind the scenes of the HEX smart contract.

What is BPD - BigPayDay?

Enormous revenue is expected to be distributed amongst HEX stakers at the end of the HEX launch period. To make your own educated financial decision, you need to know the BPD details explained here and in the video below from Richard Heart.

HEX started December 2, 2019 and the HEX Big PayDay or BPD is on day 353 after the HEX smart contract start. This is the final day of the fifty week launch phase. On day 353 the HEX BigPayDay staking bonuses are computed and the Ethereum Transfer Lobby or Adoption Amplifier is finishing as well. See the countdown timer on top.

Your part of the BPD is unsteady and can only be calculated on that day. Your bonus goes up as more stakers close their stakes. As other people open stakes after you staked your HEX coins, it goes down.

It is challenging to calculate HEX Big PayDay bonus shares. It depends on the amount of early unstake penalties, the length of your staking period and how much free Bitcoin is claimed until BigPayDay. It can 5x your stake. If you type in your desired staking time at the HEX Staking website, you see an estimate, based on accessible data until that day. Change the staking length and it changes respectively.

On a daily basis a determination is done of the unclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) number. The proportional HEX of the unclaimed BTC is distributed to HEX stakers. The daily unclaimed HEX pool is decreased as more people claim FOR FREE with Bitcoin. At the time of writing, only 2.37% of all Bitcoin (BTC) addresses have claimed their FREE HEX.

Part of your staking revenue is the BPD bonus. At the end of your staking period it will be automatically paid with the collected interest and your capital. You don't even have to do anything special. Huge penalties would be deducted in case you press the red "End Stake" button - don't end your stake early! For a very good reason it is red!

While HEX staking, it is expected that gigantic revenue will be shared. The amount of shares you hold is proportional to the reward. The stakers get all the coins which aren't claimed. To qualify for the HEX BigPayDay chance, your staked HEX coins cannot end prior that important day to qualify for this one time chance!

HEX BigPayDay - BPD Explained

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